Tom Harris (aka 'Pear') has been taking things apart and putting them back together for as long as he can remember. From clocks to televisions to Model T engines, nothing was safe from the Pear's curiosity... or his screwdriver. However, nothing held his fascination like old tube radios. He rebuilt his first Zenith in 1963 and has been tinkering away ever since, bringing new life to hundreds of radios and working with other radio fanatics around the country.

He holds a first class FCC license, is an avid member of the Antique Wireless Association and the California Historical Radio Society and is a contributor to the Marine Historical Society's KPH Project which helps to maintain KPH, the last coastal station still operating in the United States. Tom is generally a pretty laid back guy but there is just one thing he will absolutely NOT compromise on.....

Contact Info:
(707) 763-3353